Scions Caernarfon

Caernarfon, named after Caernarfon Castle in Wales, was originally the seat of power for General Cynwyd, Prince of Amber, son of Bleys, former King of Amber. Cynwyd modeled the Castle after the famous Welsh seat of power. Before his untimely death restoring the Primal Pattern, Cynwyd married a woman from Shadow Earth named Hayden McKellen, and together they had four children. When Bleys was discredited around the time of King Brand's death, most of Bleys' children went to Shadow and all were welcome at Caernarfon. The Castle is as glamorous and blatant as Bleys himself was.

Caernarfon at night.


And during the day.


The courtyard.


There is a considerable amount of the Castle beneath the ground, and many members of the extended family still live here, or at least pop in from time to time.

With his time away from Caernarfon, his lady Hayden ruled until her death after bearing their fourth children. When Cynwyd didn't return after more than a year, Hayden presumed he was dead, and she was right. With a Castle to run and four children to raise, she never remarried, and finally joined Cynwyd in death.

Cynwyd Barimen, first Lord of Caernarfon. (deceased)
Hayden McKellen, first Lady of Caernarfon. (deceased)

Their children were Mira, Cynwyd II, Bachail and Serene. Hayden had declared that there would be a Lord and Lady of Caernarfon, and the two would not necessarily even be married, and would change as needed. Cynwyd II became Lord of Caernarfon and his mother remained lady for a few short years, before stepping down and Mira became Lady at that point.
The children of General Cynwyd, Prince of Amber, and Hayden McKellen

Mira Barimen, Lady of Caernarfon
Cynwyd II, Lord of Caernarfon, the day he received his father's ring, and word of his death.
Bachail (deceased)
Megan, daughter of Serene. The words 'screwed-up', 'disaster' and 'oops' are usually used when describing something Megan did. Sweet girl. Super virtuous, but otherwise a walking disaster.

This Shadow is a little slower than Amber time, so three of the four children of Cynwyd are still alive, with Bachail having fallen in battle. It is believed that none of this line have walked the Pattern, or even been to Amber. Glissando, however, was known to visit, and eventually some of his line settled here as well, as this became the seat of House Bleys.

Technology is similar to Amber's, with magical lighting used most of the time, instead of torches. Gunpowder does not work, and oddly enough neither does the Jeweler's Rouge that once functioned in Amber.

Mira and Cynwyd II remain Lady and Lord of Caernarfon. Each have had mates, and those mates are simply known as the husband/wife of the Lady or Lord of the Castle.

Cynwyd III, son of the Lord of Caernarfon.
scions%20cynwyd3.jpgRhys, younger son of the Lord of Caernarfon, and quite the hellraiser. He reminds people of Bleys.
Scions%20Rhys.jpgGallan, friend of Megan.
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