Scions Chaos

The Courts of Chaos, currently in an Interregnum as the Houses and others politically maneuver their candidates to make their claims and become King or Queen of Chaos. Chaos has forgiven and welcomed back all of the old Great Houses. Those who returned do not have the power they once have. Many did not return. This includes Talon, Hendrake and Helgram, who are rumored to have a daughter of Swayvill they wish to see on the throne of Chaos.


The Succession

Seven individuals are selected for the next ruler of Chaos. One is picked by the High Priest of Amblerash. Three are picked by the Witnesses. Two by the lesser Houses. One is chosen by the people. They will pass a number of tests, inquisitions and hopefully the inevitable assassination attempts. Once there are three they are guarded by Agents of the Crown. This does not stop the assassinations, but definitely slows them down.

The Witnesses The High Priest of the Serpent Who Encompasses Reality and the Unreal and the Heads of the following Houses:
The Seven Who Were Witnesses.

Moril Chanicut
Tyrell Helgram
Sofie-Anne Jesby
Dmitry Barimen
Kota Vekerchiki
Sulacci Nostrolo
Dilva Golane

They are:
Chosen by Amblerash

Derestine Gaukan, Queen of Chaos.
Chosen by The Witnesses
Eidolon Chanicut (deceased)
Aletta Ramnath Sawall, First to bow to the Queen of Chaos.
Ancona Barimen (deceased)
Chosen by The Lesser Houses
Miklos Halidor (deceased)
Noriel Dorhall (deceased)

Chosen by The People

Lynal Pontelis (deceased)

Individual Houses of Chaos currently residing in Chaos.

Great House Great House Great House Great House
House Vasska House Mandalore House Txevu House Golane
House Vector House Jesby House Sengir House Vekerchiki
House Barimen House Chanicut House Nostrolo House Sawall

Other Houses of Chaos (lesser Houses)
House Cortia, House Aelon, and House Verindarax. Each attacked House Hendrake in their final battle and each was dealt a crushing defeat. House Cortia still exists, mostly living off their blaming of the other two Houses for the failure of the attack. House Aelon has been scattered, and their members were absorbed into other Houses if they weren't killed. House Verindarax moved to the Rim, and no longer have dealings with the Courts.

Former Great Houses of Chaos who never returned after the Tyranny of Zhuren Sawall
House Sekosorto - The last survivor of House Sekosorto was Stefani Sekosorto, daughter of Florimel of Amber. She vowed to single, er, handedly restore the House. She bore twenty one children, and died birthing the last of them. Every member of the House is either descended from Stefani or married to someone who is.

House Chanicut - led by Moril Chanicut, Order of the Serpent

House Hendrake - The survivors of Khalon's Purge ended up taking residence in the Celestial Courts, and eventually most of them moved to Corilaine, and intermarried with the Amberites of that land. Their old House remains ruined, as a warning to those who would oppose Chaos. There is a small embassy at the Plaza, in front of the old ruins. There is simply a disk, and a sign, with magical lettering stating that the House is open, or closed. If the disk is destroyed, the embassy is not harmed.


The entry disk.


House Minobee - Part of House Hendrake, the descendants of Larinne Minobee still dwell in Corilaine as well.

House Helgram - They are now part of the Erbam people. Tyrell Helgram rules them now, although he has blood of Amber and Erbam in his veins.

Heather Helgram. Commando from Helgram's Hellmaidens.

House Talon - Still powerful, many of their members are descended from Osric. Sennik e'Talon rules this House now, and is also descended from Osric.

House Naxxramas - Moved back to the Unseelie Court, where their original roots were, and now are called the Khelendi.

The Black Hand - Rumored to have been founded by a surviving member of a House called Arthashastra, they are assassins who only kill Chaosians. They are feared throughout the Courts, and the name and the group go back some ten thousand years. Widely believed to be an urban legend.

House Arulas - believed to have been responsible for the beheading of Bregos, Field-Marshall of Corilaine and General of Amber's army. Their Shadow, Kemptver, is an ecologically ruined place. The Arulas are on the Rim and are known for mining gleiten which is not affected by gravity and is anchored in some other way by a physical force not understood. It is non-magnetic, metal and used primarily in the construction of airships. It is not a very hard metal so it is unsuitable for weapons.
scions%20arulas.jpgKayla Arulas - Lady of the House. Every ruler of House Arulas is in a precarious situation.

Heads of Houses.
Gojan Mandalore
Ixitchitl Txevu
Dilva Golane
Salaar Vector
Sofie-Anne Jesby
Barrin Sengir
Kota Vekerchiki
Dmitry Barimen
Moril Chanicut
Sulacci Nostrolo

Nalanie (Nally) Mandalore - Logrus expert
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