Scions Houses

A list of the known Houses of Amber and some of the conventions that are followed regarding their naming. Note that many of the Houses list members of the Third Generation. Generally, all of these people have passed away. Exceptions are probably noted. Probably.

Current Known Houses

House Brand - Have had more Kings of Amber than any other line. They also had the last King, Brand III.

House Caine - Widely scattered, and most have roaming bases on the seas. Or under them.

House Fiona - Looked at with a careful eye, if at all, if there is a dark wizard in the family, they came from House Fiona.

House Finndo - Widely scattered, this House is a House in name only.

House Florimel - Diplomats, mostly, they can be found pretty much anywhere. Their line is matrilineal, which has caused problems.

House Jolene - Rules Arden with an iron fist, fortunately inside a velvet glove. Jolene and Gerard's son Matthias had at least seven children, and their descendants make up most of the House.

House Gerard - They resent the power of House Jolene, since most members of that House bear Gerard's blood. House Gerard has none of the power though. They are noble, though, like their namesake.

House of Llewella - The Royal House ruling in Rebma, descended in a straight line from Llewella. The current queen of Rebma, Queen Jade, does not yet have a child.

House Bleys - Had a falling out with the other redheads, and are generally shunned by the rest.

House Corilaine - Made up of members of what would have been House Sand, House Delwin, House Deirdre, House Benedict and House Larinne, they raised the current King of Chaos after his rescue from the son of the Kinslayer. Sand, Deirdre and Larinne all proclaimed their blessings upon the land of Corilaine, and finally reversed the curse of Osric. Most of Corilaine is still uninhabitable, but the original kingdom is a beautiful reminder of what once was.

Dead Houses

House Deirdre, House Delwin, House Sand, House Benedict. All of those names were retired and the descendants of these four are simply called House Corilaine. While not actively at war with Amber, both keep an uneasy eye on each other.

House Julian - His named died out and was instead replaced by the name of his daughter, the greatest of the Third Generation.

House Dalt - All of his offspring are believed dead, although rumors occasionally circulate about the line of Nash and Adaline.

House Mirelle - Wiped out during the Cataclysm. Or just after. Records are sketchy.

House Angel - Believed to have died out in Shadow.

House Elwynne - Died out in Shadow.

House Nepenthe - No such House. She died before the Cataclysm.

House Cianfa - Died out when she did.

House Osric - Eventually absorbed into House Talon.

House Corwin - Corwin and his children are believed to have died out a long time ago. The last two recorded historically are a woman named Shadow and a man named Magnus, although House Florimel claims Magnus as theirs, and Shadow might not have really existed.

House Evermay - a derogatory term for the redheads in the Red Keep. Legend has it that Evermay had children with four or five of her brothers.

House Dana - a mythical term referring to an evil creature so deadly to everything around her that her siblings had to put her down.

House Eric - Rumored to have never really gotten started, although some claim the blood of Eric.

House Random - It was believed that all of Random's sons perished, and his daughters married into other Houses, or never married at all. Few can claim blood of Random. Fewer do.

House Teigan - Never a House. Teigan and his lover Teferi were killed by King Zhuren Sawall.

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