Scions - Legends of the Founders

Legends of the Founders of the Houses

The Founders, also called the Elders, in the archaic vernacular, were all sons and daughters of the mighty King Oberon.

Benedict, reportedly died of extremely old age, although whispers say that he was mad before his end.

Bleys, rumored to have died in battle, and had a falling out with his siblings Fiona and Brand. He was rumored to have had artifacts of immense power.

Brand I, King of Amber. Died an extremely long time ago, and since this happened during the Cataclysm, records of his demise are lost.

Caine, died in battle with foes of Amber, defending the One True City until the end.

Corwin, whereabouts unknown, but clearly he has been dead for a long time. His line is believed to be extinct.

Dalt, the Lion. His death was allegedly so horrible at the hands of Faeries it is still used to threaten children. "You don't want to end up like Dalt, do you?"

Deirdre, beloved child of Amber, died in old age. Her blessing of her blood completed the restoration of Corilaine.

Delwin, mystic of Amber, and believed to have saved it on numerous occasions, although rumors abound that he was completely insane and his death was a good thing.

Eric, former King of Amber. Died a long time ago. Records no longer exist.

Fiona, became Queen of Amber after Brand Is death. Died mysteriously a few years later.

Finndo, killed by the Kinslayer, his son.

Florimel, allegedy died young, and beautiful.

Gerard, beloved Prince of Amber. Records of his death have been lost.

Julian, last son of Oberon to die, died in an elven Kingdom, far from Amber. No House is in his name in Amber.

Llewella, mother of her line in Rebma. Her descendants rule the Seashell Throne in Rebma.

Osric, died under mysterious circumstances.

Random, former King of Amber. His House no longer exists.

Sand, former Queen of Corilaine. Died before the restoration of Corilaine. Some say she died badly.

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