Scions Map of Amber

Map of Amber
By Bryan. (Thank you!!)

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Green areas are forest.
Olive green areas are prime farming land.
Blue is of course water.
Light purple is the urban area.

A = Castle of Amber
B = Baylesport, which is the northern end of what is just called 'The City'.
C = Rebma
D = Jannai, which is the south end of 'The City'.
E = The City. Once known as Ambertown, then 'The Free City of Amber' then Amber City, this is now a sprawling collection of towns and cities that have finally become one. There are no places where you can go more than a mile and not be able see another dwelling, hamlet or town. Amber City stretched north in the time of Brand, and south when Mal I was King. The city began to stretch inland and finally linked up with Jannai, which is the southern end of The City. Baylesport, Amber City and Jannai all have mayors, and Amber City is the home of the Governor of The City, and at this point, it is Deacon.
F = Free City. Started by people who once lived in The Free City of Amber and opposed the monarchs of Amber, they started small enough to avoid notice by the King and his cronies, and now it is a large, independent city-state in its own right. A committee rules the city, which is a city of equality and fairness. The only problem is that some people are more equal than others. Their flag is a red field with a white tree on it.
G = Stormwind - Formed by soldiers of Amber and of Erbam, this is a military-run city which is frighteningly efficient, fairly powerful, and wants nothing to do with Amber and less with the Free City. They do trade with the upriver cities and their warships show no quarter to the few pirates crazy enough to try to raid their ships.
H = River's Edge - On the North end of Lake Garnath, on the River Arden, River's Edge trades upriver and downriver. Their tolls for crossing the lake annoy their neighbors, but except for a few skirmishes between River's Edge and Stormwind, they are tolerated. River's Edge was formed after the Black Road War.
I = Center - Started as a military outpost, this former monitor of the Shadow Roads to the Golden Circle has ceded that duty to River's Edge. Unlike River's Edge, however, Center is still technically under the rule of Amber, although the Red Council has allowed them almost total autonomy.
J = Xale - Between two forests, this city was founded by Gerhard, son of Matthias and Jolene. He ended up leaving the place and subsequently died. The people who live there, however, warden the woods north of them, called the Greenwood, and south of them, called the Darkwood.
K = Widmer's Way - Started as a mining town by Oberon, several thousand years ago, this is the third city to bear the name Widmer's Way. The first one was buried in an earthquake and avalanche of epic proportions. The second one, built a mile away from the first one, burned down when unwise rulers of the city built up and not out. The current city is built with mostly stone, which is a good by-product of the nearby mines. Iron, silver, mithril and adamantite are mined here.
L = Barimen's Wake - A misty town on the river, this was once the home of Princess Deirdre. Dworkin Barimen was believed to have had a small home here too, but if so it is long gone.
M = Southville - Under the jurisdiction of Lord Garrity of Arden, Southville is the trading hub for the Forest of Arden.
N = Vale of Garnath - Site of several battles, it is the valley that funnels into Amber. It is believed that Oberon set up the Shadow roads so they would lead armies into a valley that narrowed, and so helped cause their destruction. Generally, it has worked exactly like that.
O = Jones Falls - Site of a battle fought vs. a marauding army from Weirmonken. It is a site now of a resort town, where everyone who lives there is either very wealthy or serving them. They are officially at war with the Free City, but there have no battles fought, as the Free City keeps arguing about how to fight the war and pay for it and Jones Falls has no real army to speak of.
P = Shadow Road to Deiga
Q = Shadow Road to Kashfa
R = Shadow Road to Raynard
S = Shadow Road to Begma
T = Shadow Road to Ghenesh
U = Shadow Road to Orocarni
V = Shadow Road to the Elven Lands

The original, crappy map by George
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