Scions of Amber

Welcome to Scions of Amber - Starting in 2015

It has been several thousand years since the Death of Brand, the Reconstruction and the Dark Time. The Scions of Amber have become fewer and fewer as Corwin's original lie about the Amberites being a fairly infertile lot has finally come to pass. No child beyond the seventh generation has been born. Ever.

REVISED 1/10/15 Added notes on third generation members of each House to assist in character creation.

Scions of Amber is based on Amber Diceless Roleplaying and takes place in the same reality as Center of All Things.

"I watched the Red Keep from atop my favorite redwood tree. The Castle was quiet, like it almost always was, which was always, unless it wasn't. The Weirmonken had attacked the Keep once. Just once. The pyrotechnics lit the sky, and we protested when part of the Forest burned down, but since it wasn't Arden proper, there was no desire for us to make things difficult. They ended up granting two Pattern walks, and agreed to allow one of our House to speak to the Red Council. But they never apologized. They never do."

Brand. Bleys. Corilaine. Fiona. Jolene. Gerard. Names from the past. Now, they are the Houses of Amber.

Scions of Amber takes place several thousand years after the death of Brand. The Elders have since gone the way of all flesh, and like in Chaos, their descendants are now arranged as Houses.

The Castle of Amber is now called the Red Keep, since it is ruled by Brand and Fiona's lines. The redheads rule with a magical fist, it is said.

The House of Jolene rules the Forest of Arden, in memory of its greatest Queen. Most of the residents are either descended from her and her husband Matthias, with a few from different branches of Julian's tree.

Their allies include the lines of Caine and Gerard. With some of the intermarrying that has traditionally occurred, some claim lineage for more than one line. House Florimel has a great number of liaisons and ambassadors who move between the Houses freely.

One of the Great Powers is House Corilaine, which is one united House, with members primarily descended from Delwin, Sand, Deirdre and Benedict. The King of Chaos, Vasska, counts them as an ally, although he is old and will soon die.

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"The Erskilleena have been annihilated."
"We knew that would happen."
"We offered our help."
"Was that enough? We didn't follow Brand's Edict the way we should have."
"There is still much debate about Brand's Edict."
"Agreed. We need to call a conclave, and decide what it means. Elder Adan knew the man. He will help us with this."

- Excerpt found in a book from the Conclave, some 800 years previous.


"So what's our plan?"

"Well, we have those items from Tir, that the divers recovered."

"Really? I thought the Red Keep bunch discourage that."

"They were too busy trying to keep the Rebmans out. I had some good divers."

"Ah, I see. Where are we going to sell?"

"Well, not in Amberport. The entire city is riddled with agents for everyone."

"The Free City?"

"Too many regulations, although the buyer will probably be from there. No, we'll go south, to Stormwind, and sell the pieces there."

"Is River's Edge upriver from there?"

"It is, but why bother. Our people have agents in the Free City."


"So where is the patrol taking us this month?"

She looked at the new officer and inwardly winced. She had the feeling he'd be dead in a month, but she still had a job to do. Part of being a member of the House of Jolene.

"Well, this ranging won't take us to Greater Arden, so we'll follow the river to Southville and pick up the rest of the men there. I'll stay with you until we get to Center."

"You won't go to Xale with us?"

"No. I have to head west to Widmer's Way. There are some disputes going on with the miners in Varna."

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