Scions Other Amberites

Some people are known from historical records or in some rare cases, were known personally to others. What is known of them are listed here, for those who no longer have an existing House of Amber.

Ashley, Admiral of the Fleet, daughter of Eric. Records of her exist because she was painted frequently. She dressed in white shirts and black pants and boots. She wore a white jacket, except in battle, when she switched to a silver breastplate with a tunic in sea green and gold, with a Unicorn on a boat. She joked that she was an incorrigible brat but all records say the opposite. She was possibly Amber's greatest admiral. She did not have any children.

Katrina, daughter of Moirynn (Oberon's daughter) Queen of Jannai. Known to be very sweet, but vicious with a blade, she dressed all in white, no matter the occasion, time or day. Her descendants still rule Jannai as Governors, since Jannai is now part of the Sprawl.

Eluce ad'Tenebras - Scion of…

Dalia, Whore from The House of Ghostly Delights, also a member of the Royal Family
Kara Zorya, The Morningstar. Granddaughter of Khelendos. Hellcat doesn't begin to describe her.
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