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With several destructions of Ambertown and Amber City, the place is now named Amberport, and is a huge, sprawling megalopolis, which stretches from Baylesport to Jannai in the south, some forty miles. There are some patches where the city thins out and becomes more rural, but Amberport is now under one ruler who is allied with the Reds and is believed to be a member of Amber's Royal Family. Deacon is his name, and rulership is his game. He's not entirely corrupt and is looked upon favorably by most.

Vallon Zek watched from the rooftop of the brothel. He calmly smoked a cigar while he looked at the two main roads that ran through Amberport. The road that led to the Red Keep was called Brand's Way. One end stopped at the main gate of the Castle, and the other end stopped at the entrance to the Royal Docks. It was intersected by the Highway, which led from Jannai to north of Baylesport, and was likely to continue to expand in both directions. Elections would be coming soon, and Vallon Zek was fairly sure that he would be the next Governor of Amberport. At least he would be once the rumors of Deacon's involvement with the Red Council started spreading. He just needed to invent them.

Rylan Venters - Engaged to Zolie of Amber, former negotiator, now retired.
scions%20venters.jpgAnd his house, recently destroyed by arson.

The Fox Goes Free a bar, restaurant, and casino owned by Lady Zolie of Amber and her fiance Rylan Venters.

Agnelle (Nellie) Lorne - Assistant to Rylan Venters.
Slash - Strongarm thief.

Ruins of Tir

The Reflection of Amber in the sky fell to earth during the Reconciliation. Unfortunately for the Castle, it did not survive the drop, although enough 'earth' fell with it that it landed in the shallows off the coast of Amber and the Castle is still inhabited by ghosts. But these ghosts are always present.

Like Tir.

Her Pattern is buried beneath tons of rock and is not accessible.

The storm was rumbling in the distance as I prepared for my experiment. Word was that Brandpa was dealing with the Shadow Council, and my mother had insisted I continue my research, so there I was, near the cliffs, sitting on the steps to Tir. The gem I had carefully prepared would serve as a magical capacitor. The gem was small, but if this worked, I would make a larger capacitor gem, and one day possibly power the Castle with it. The sudden popping noise and gust of wind startled me, and the displacement of the air made a wave of force that nearly knocked me down. Looking up, I saw the most amazing, terrifying sight I had ever seen. Tir-na-N'ogth had appeared, and l gawked. A moment later, it fell. I turned and ran from the cliff, not knowing what was going to happen when the mountain and Castle crashed into the shallows.-Everett.

The Golden Circle

Second fiddle to Amber for so long the Golden Circle is ruled by members of Amber's Royal Family. They have become increasingly aggressive with the apparent lack of power in the Keep atop Kolvir. The redheads seem content to be with their books and mementos of the past, and they have given up their position as rulers of all they can see. Although none of the Golden Circle countries (Kashfa, Raynard, Begma, Varna, Deiga, Cyrilla and Ermioni) have been aggressive with Amber, they have grown bolder in treaty negotiation and the rights of Amberites to do what they would in their Shadows. Only Kashfa, Raynard, Begma and Deiga border Amber through Oberon's eternal Shadow roads.

Kashfa - Leaders of the Golden Circle, they are the most developed and bellicose of the Golden Circle as well. Eregnor was largely lost to Begma, then taken back, then retaken a dozen times before one of Brand's children's children showed up and renamed Eregnor Raynard. Raynard is a good boundary between Kashfa and Begma, who have been at peace ever since. Kashfa is known for manufactured goods.

Raynard - Ruled by descendants of Brand who have not sought rulership in the Red Keep. Raynard, formerly Eregnor, is rich in ores, and trouble. They occasionally unearth something that wipes out a lot of miners, whether it be gas, water or monsters. Rumors have it that excessive mining is endangering much of the land.

King Dalton III, son of Dalton II, son of Dalton, son of Rinaldo, son of Brand.
His sister, Adila. Don't let the smile fool you. She's killed more than you probably want to hear about.

Begma - Second fiddle to Kashfa, they are rich in natural resources: Water, farmable land, livestock. They are somewhat backwards but have the highest population of all the Golden Circle Shadows. They are led by a Council selected at random. The Council serves for three years. They give orders that are carried out and occasionally ignored or changed by a sitting Senate.

Varna - Merchants and traders, they sail Ermionin ships to the rest of the Golden Circle and beyond. They have a small but efficient army, and are probably the most dangerous of the Golden Circle's armed forces. They are ruled by Broz, Merchant Prince of the First Order. He is an absent ruler, usually too busy working on his own wealth. He is however, known to be a good man.

Deiga - A dictatorship that has grown increasingly malevolent, they are still recovering from a war with Varna some thirty years ago. While there is no longer open hostility, most Deigans have a family member who died when Varna's shock forces shattered Deiga's army. Deiga is ruled by High Councillor Enver, whose father precipitated the war with Varna, and whose death at his son's hands ended it.

Cyrilla - A recent entry into the Golden Circle, they joined when the destruction of Anthius was completed. Anthius was a dictatorship who started a war with Cyrilla, three other Silver Circle nations, and Raynard, who came to the aid of Cyrilla. Cyrilla is known for mining, farming and tailoring. They have an unusual number of magically adept citizens, leading many to believe that an Amberite was originally half-Cyrillian. Their leader is a council of Oligarchs, who are fairly xenophobic, and careful of their new position.

Ermioni - Shipbuilders without equal, this Shadow is dominated by huge forests, with some parts filled with trees that dwarf even the redwoods of Arden. It is a major accomplishment to bring down even one tree without damaging other parts of the forest. They trade wood, wooden goods and ships for whatever else they need. There is some mining, which is barely sufficient for their own needs. They have a King, Granger, who rules with a fairly even hand. He is thought to be a coward, and is surrounded by his four sons, who are his personal guards.

The Dark Circle

Shadow Musique

Shadow Musique is the current name for a fairly non-descript Shadow that was the site of a battle between a group of creatures that allegedly ate music and creativity, and a God named Magnus, who helped destroy the music-eaters, and released all of the creative energy into a place once called Night City. Night City was a dystopian city, ruled by corrupt corporations and greedy politicians. Magnus's descendants have ruled over the peaceful, idyllic Shadow Musique ever since. There is some traffic from other Shadows, and primarily from Amber, Corilaine and the Courts of Chaos. Music is a part of everyday life, and the Great Courts send their children here to learn.

Mystique, Defender of Corilaine, daughter of Shadow.

The Silver Circle - A collection of seventeen Shadows, they border the Golden Circle, of course, and magic still functions there, and technology functions much better than in Amber.

Cressos - A Shadow of business. Cutthroat is fine, stealing is bad, breaking contracts is taboo. Anything else goes.
Theramore - A Shadow with a large port, and known for trading, and brokering deals. Economic enemies with Cressos.
Lordaeron - A haunted Shadow, filled with fallen Kings, and Princes gone bad, it is low tech, with scarce cities.
Nynorsk - Nash would have liked it here. A raiding, Viking-type society, and the cities they raid. Some raid across the Shadows.
Hang Sing - Settled by dissidents from the Celestial Courts, this is an honorable, polite, Victorian England style monarchy.
Saiari - A hot Shadow, filled with jungles and deserts, and has a band about the center that is habitable, the rest is frozen.
Graha - High tech, with mining, strong people and a brutal dictatorship.

and others.

Elflands. Sinkhole where the Crypt of Queen Alleria used to be entombed.


IronTir City




Scions Oran

Trgovina - Trading Hub City and Festival

He sees a city appear. It has low walls, and tents set up around it for a half-mile, if not more than that. The city is built up of stone buildings, and a hundred different flags flutter from the tops of them, and a thousand from the tents. They step onto a hill, some two miles away from the outer ring of tents. The city is on a large plain, with a river on the far side. Boats are up and down the river as far as he can see. Some are leaving, most are parked. Most of the parked boats are upstream from the city. No doubt a bustling and thriving dock district is on the far side of the walled city. The smells assail him next. Fried foods, fruit, urine, rotting meat, perfumes; a cornucopia of the wares of a thousand merchants. This is a trading city. //Everything should be available, judging by some of the things one can see and hear. A flag with a pair of breasts on it suggests a whorehouse, or whoretent. The sounds of hammers banging on anvils is music to his ears. There are many. He can imagine the coinage present and changing hands.//

"Welcome to Trgovina. There are two rules here. There is no stealing. Do not attack someone with a sword unless it is an officially-sanctioned duel."

Like in any gathering of people. There are some who dress to entertain, some even going to the trouble of making elaborate, well-made costumes, to delight everyone with their very presence.
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