Scions Whispers


"It was during the Desolation that it vanished. Allegedly a great battle had been fought over it, and lava had been used to seal the cavern, since lava was nowhere near strong enough to damage Corwin's Pattern. Braden found some notes in a book in an old storage room one time that referred to a trip to see if that Pattern was still extant. There were four pages of notes, written in red ink over some pages torn from an odd register of some kind. The register listed names and numbers, and all of them had last names like Corey, Corley, Corman, Corson and even a trio of Corwins. Carl Corwin, with some information that said 413 Yucca St, Goldshire, 74294. A number followed it as well. Seven digits. A Kevin Corwin and a Magnus Corwin rounded out the three Corwins. One has to wonder. The back of the last page had one word only. Argent."

And a tale told in Amberport of the demise of a local villain.

"Never thought that the Constables would move agin' him. I mean, he had paid so many of 'em off. They say he even had some of the Caines on the payroll, but nobody'd ever accuse 'em of that. At any rate, they said he led the three of them on a merry chase through the port, even running in the front, through the kitchen and out thru Bloody Wilkerson's…whaddaya mean they…oh, Mary died? Another name change. What else is new. Anyway, they nearly caught him at the old Chanters ruins, and he got one of the Constables with a heavy rock. Crushed his fuckin' head good, he did. The other two were supremely pissed at that. They finally caught him hidin' in the well, and that Jaeda, she found him, and dragged him up by his hair. Whacked him with the bucket too. Then she kicked him in the man parts while her partner nailed him to the ground with about two feet of steel. He spat some blood on her boots, and she asked him if he had any words. Right before she stuck her sword through his eye, he told her to 'Go to Khell.' I imagine he's burning there now."

And overheard once outside a Council meeting in the Red Keep.

"So she came back."

"I told you she would."

"Sure. Fine. Whatever. Anyway, she said the Hole is consistent. No further growth."

"I told you it would."

"Sure. Fine. Whatever. Anyway, she said that she ran into one of the Core there."

"Oh? Which one?"

"Good guess. One of the Raven Witches. They both gave each other the professional courtesy of not messing with each other, so no incidents."

"It's about time. Did they talk?"

"They did."

"What about?"

"Not here, brother. Not here."

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