In times long past, the Serpent was Ascendant, in the Grand Scheme of Things.

Then, the Patternfall War happened, and Amber triumphed over the Courts of Chaos. At that point, the Unicorn of Amber became Ascendant, and the Serpent was no longer Ascendant.

Now, the Serpent of Chaos realized that the Dragon was about to become Ascendant, and the Unicorn would no longer be Ascendant, and Serpent of Chaos would become Diminished. The Serpent did not care for this, and so started a war that raged throughout realities, destroying many of them. The eventual result was the unmooring of the Shadows, and their subsequent general destruction, although some Primal Shadows anchored Shadows to them, and pockets of reality had that which is called Shadow adjacent to it in varying depths depending on the strength of that which was Real.

As part of his punishment for those who opposed him the Serpent destroyed the Courts of Chaos, except for Thelbane, which stands over the Cave of the Logrus, and as such, is indestructible, even to the might of the Serpent of Chaos.

Amber lost at least fifty scions of the Unicorn and extensive damage was done to Caernarfon, Corilaine, Chaos, Amber, the Golden Circle, and many other places that were not completely annihilated.

Due to the vast number of Shadows in the Courts, the real estate damage was total but the loss of life was surprisingly light since the Chaosians had ample opportunity to flee to the Rim, which survived.

With the Diminishing of the Serpent, Chaos is broken and scattered, and with the Unicorn no longer Ascendant, Amber is no longer the force it once was…

Now it is up to the Children of the Dragon to impose their supremacy over Shadow…if it ever exists again.

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