Special Operations Team of House Hendrake. Reporting to Sandrine Hendrake, leader of the Hendrake Armed Forces, with a very dotted line to Belissa Minobee, Shadowstrike was formed by Khendelos, son of Khalon, the traitor of Hendrake. Khendelos is already a Defender of Corilaine and his meteoric rise through the ranks has only been exceeded by how many smashing and legendary victories he has already been a part of. His table of organization for the combat portion of his unit is:

Commander Khendelos Hendrake, Defender of Corilaine, Commanding Officer, Hendrake Special Operations (Shadowstrike).
His second in Command is Lieutenant Commander Phaedra Hendrake, who was assigned to command the Amber Hellmaidens for quite some time, and has now received a promotion.

Khendelos, as a Commander in the Hendrake military, rates a bodyguard.

His bodyguard is his cousin Kara. Kara was raised in Hell by her grandfather, the notorious Khelendos, Lord of Hell. She speaks her mind.

Shadowstrike, which was one team, is now broken into four teams. There is also a command support team. The four combat teams are as follows:

Unit One - commanded by Balicie Hendrake
Unit Two - commanded by Sofieke Hendrake

Unit Three - commanded by Eva Minobee Hendrake - Amberstrike
Unit Four - commanded by Ilyssa of Corilaine

The command support team consists of Brell, who is medic for the team, Kalpana and Tandalis, who are support, primarily engineer of Shadowstrike and Armorer to Shadowstrike.

Non-combat personnel.

Kalpana, demon from a Shadow ruled by the Vekerchiki. She is an engineer beyond compare. She also has unusual control over her pheromones.
Tandalis Minobee, weaponsmith and armorer.
Milagro, in charge of all the administrative duties. His job is to ensure that anything Khendelos wants, he gets.
Brell. Oh yeah, he's the healer.

Liaisons to the Shadowstrike Team

Captain of Engineers Devon Hendrake
Team One
Sgt. Eva Hendrake, Leading Team One
Eva walks in. She is armed with a short sword and dagger. She is wearing standard Hendrake black with a grey button-up shirt. Hints of a black bra can be seen beneath the shirt. Her hair is up in a high ponytail.
Denali Hendrake
She returns a minute later with Denali Hendrake. Denali does not look like any Hellmaiden he has ever seen. Her skin color is a whiter shade of pale, like she intentionally avoids the sun. Her hair is black and limp and she doesn't appear to be muscular, like so many of the Hellmaidens. She is armed with a longsword, with a well-worn handle, and since she is dressed in all black, her skin looks even more pallid that it normally would. Her eyes are dark, and resemble pools of ink more than anything else. The former Hellmaiden stands still, she looks at Khendelos with an intensity that is nearly disturbing, but not challenging. There is no arrogance in her eyes, but a lot of pain, and a quiet dedication. Her file says Denali Minobee, but the Minobee is scratched out and Hendrake has replaced it. Her file did not state why.
Kayla Arulas, half Vampire
Sgt. Ilyssa, Leader of Team Two
Melisenda Hendrake
Liana Hendrake
Sgt. Angelica Hendrake, Intelligence specialist, Leader of Team Three
Kalbert Helgram
Valaista of Musique, sister of Misty
Markos Hendrake (Deceased, slain during the Talon mission)
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