Stuff Rules

Explanation of how Good Stuff and Bad Stuff work. Several players have asked for more detail on how stuff functions.

Good stuff and bad stuff do not dictate how your character is going to interact with most of the known universe.

If the Demon at Red Hook hates all Amberites its not going to stop and buy you a steak because you have ten points of good stuff.

Likewise, if you are known to the Maharaja of Tanaris as a good guy, his guards won't automatically go after you for having some bad stuff.

Stuff is a tiebreaker and occasionally gives the GM how neutral people might otherwise act towards you.

If you kicked Caine in the nuts when he was drunk and you were mad and have ten points of good stuff, he is probably not going to be any more angry with you than if you had ten points of bad stuff.


NPCs have stuff too. Most of them have stats, descriptions and powers and all of that. They also have good stuff or bad stuff.

Sometimes an NPC will die or get their ass brutally kicked by someone. Don't think that your good stuff or bad stuff will necessarily carry over to your friends. It won't.

Finally, logic and past roleplaying rule over other considerations.

If Benedict orders your capture, you can bet that the captors aren't going to be super nice to you or let you go. If you have to kill the Beaste of Castle Arrrghhh and Julian hates you but needs to work with you to ensure Amber's survival, the Bad stuff won't get in the way Julian doing the right thing.

Any questions?

I hope this clarifies things.

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