Texorami - Shadow originally found or created by Random, depending who you ask. Duels, mayhem, gambling, music…not for the faint of heart, but for an adventurer, there are few things better.

The city has fallen on interesting times, since the last time King Random of Amber stopped in. The sun has grown even more powerful, and people who stay out in the sun for any length of time generally expire in the extreme heat. Now, there are open courtyards, with the buildings built into the ground. The roofs, if they are not covered with earth, reflect much of the strong sun. The courtyards are avoided during the hour or two of midday, but the rest of the time the city is alive with action. Many malls and plazas are entirely underground, and the above ground flourishes during the rainy season. The plants have fortunately grown more hardy than the people have, so farming still occurs, but is mostly done at night, for obvious reasons. The animals have adapted fairly well too, and most animals are heavily coated, and nocturnal.


After three thousand years, the gladiatorial games are more vicious than ever, with the social status of most dependent on the monies won and lost gambling on the winners and losers.

Ellice - (El ees') (Deceased) Grandmother of the greatest gladiator of all time. She wildly claimed to be descended from a King named Random, who may or may not be related to the legendary rogue, Random, who raised quite a bit of hell in Texorami several thousand years ago.
Ailish - (eye' lish) Daughter of Ellice, mother of Ailis, she was a good gladiator, but retired early after a gruesome injury. She bore at least nine children. Three of them died in the arenas in Texorami and four others have gone to other cities to wield their craft there. Another is being raised to be a gladiator. Ailis is the other one.
Ailis - (eye lease') Greatest gladiator of all time, exceeding even the legendary Zori. Some historians say she wouldn't have lasted a minute against Zori, but what do historians know? Ailis is known for being vicious, and for crying while she slaughters her foes. With joy some say. She is known to be standoffish, since she never grants interviews but only arrives, kills ruthlessly, then leaves. The bounty on her during gladiatorial matches is up to a million pieces of gold. Many have tried to collect. None have.
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