The Dark Circle

The Dark Circle

A circle of Five Shadows, each connects with each other, but only two connect directly with Amber. Ghenesh and Orocarni. Orocarni, in fact, trades with Arden. Ghenesh, on the other hand, hates Arden and Arden maintains a watch against it.

Ghenesh - A savage world, populated by werewolves, trolls, wargs and ruled over by the Moonriders, who have generally subjugated all of them. They fought a war against Amber and Arden over a thousand years ago and are still rebuilding…but their time comes. The Gheneshi are short, stout and nearly hairless. Ghenesh has three moons, and weir roamed the countryside. The Moonriders were the Gheneshi with enough werewolf in them to change at will. Those Gheneshi had hair, so they were easily spotted among their peers. But the Moonriders weren't like the werewolves in Arden, who called themselves Garou. The Moonriders devolved into savage beasts when they changed under the moons. Note that the trolls call this place Zul'Aman.

Kali, her sister Kalani and Kalil are all from Ghenesh.

Weirmonken - mainly populated by werewolves, who have hunted out their Shadow. They are a dwindling folk, with many of them turning to cannibalism. Once every twenty years a full moon called the Gateway Moon happens and many of the people leave, to end up elsewhere in the Dark Circle. The other four Shadows of the five of the Circle dread those years.

Karazhan - a desolate place, once crawling with mages. Many of them destroyed each other, but the towers remain. Most of the mages survived by means of power spells and terrible phylacteries, with the result that most of the mages have become undead. Rumor has it they allow the Weirmonken werewolves in. You have to experiment on something, right?

One tower, before the meteor hit.scions%20tower%20before%20meteor.jpg
And now. scions%20kara%20tower%20one.jpg
Another tower. scions%20tower%20haunted.jpg

And accessible through Karazhan and apparently other places, a node leading to a continent called Soze.

Five countries inhabit it. Ryloth, Dathomir, Devaron, Umbara, Shili.

The capital building of Ryloth, in Ryloth. Their leader is Chancellor Mina Bonteri, from Hang Sing in the Silver Circle.
The embassies near it.Dathomir. The Witch Land, ruled by Empress Adi Gallia.
A member of the Dathomiri delegation.
Devaron. Ruled by Satine Kryze.
A member of the Devaronian delegation.
Umbara. Led by Cin Drallig.
Shili. Led by Ahtano Soka.

Angmar - an evil kingdom ruled by undead and ogre mages. Despite their mistreatment of the other peoples (slaves) they are a fairly intelligent and reasonable lot. They are currently fighting against a rebellion that is being led by the last bunch of werewolves to come over.

Orocarni - a mountainous, bleak Shadow dominated by small patches of arable land, mostly within forbidding mountain ranges, the main denizens are dwarves, ruled by the King, Rundin Coalrage. The dwarves elect a King for life, and Rundin is just entering middle age for a dwarf, suggesting he has several centuries left to rule, unless something kills him.

Rundin Coalrage - King Orocarni is a powerful dwarf, with a long memory. He has not forgotten the sting of being saved by Amber, but he is not ungrateful, either.
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