The Fae

The Fae, as the whole of the people are called have diminished in some ways but grown more powerful in others.

At one time, there were five major Courts. The Summer Fae (Seelie), The Winter Fae (Unseelie), The Knockany, The Daoine Sidhe and the Trooping Fairies.

The Daoine Sidhe were annihilated by the scourge of the Banalitat, and so few trace their bloodlines to that folk anymore.

The Trooping Fairies were led by the Erlking, and with his demise many of his people left and joined the Knockany Court, who welcomed them with open arms.

Three Courts remain.

The Seelie Court


Ruled by what is said to be the reincarnation of Rhiannon, named Rhiannon, the Seelie are enjoying a new summer.


Unseelie Court

More divided and fractious than ever, this court has no Queen since the death of Nepenthe. They are fragmented into a number of tiny principalities and cities, including the Khelendi, the Twilight and Lateralus. Many others exist as well.


The Knockany Court

Ruled by the son of King Perry and Queen Satele Shan, Revan, the Knockany are going through a renaissance like they have never seen before. Their works are marvelous, beyond belief.


Ruled by a descendant of Khelendos named Manasa.

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