The Fortress

The Fortress was the name given to the island fortress run by the rulers of House Finndo. House Finndo is in Shadow, slightly closer to Chaos than to Amber, and as such is in a fairly busy area, as far as things and trouble moving through Shadow.

At one time the Fortress was not reachable by land, and the surrounding waters had a variety of treacherous devices designed to slaughter any navy trying to assault the place. Also, it was believed that a gate to Hell existed and the minions of Khelendos will arise and annihilate anyone attacking the Fortress. To date, the Fortress has been attacked nearly a dozen times, and only one navy was able to get close enough to damage the walls with catapults and burning pitch. It was destroyed during the Shadowbane when Razgul, the frozen deity who was The Fortress, was awakened and subsequently destroyed with his Shadow. Most of the people of The Fortress died when the land sank into the lake.

The Fortress
Dariel, daughter of Andariel (Deceased). Rumor has it that Khelendos was her father. She never confirmed that. But she hadn't denied it either. She was murdered by Kharl the Mighty during her ill-advised alliance with him during the Shadowbane.
Tauriel, formerly of the Fortress, currently a prisoner in House Hendrake. Brutally beaten into a coma by Kharl the Mighty during Shadowbane.
Talia, daughter of Tauriel - currently staying with her mother in House Hendrake, where she cares for the comatose descendant of Finndo. Also brutally beaten by Kharl the Mighty.
Galena Khelden, of House Khelden. Once fostered at The Fortress, or some say exiled to there. Rumored to be crazy. Has apparently improved since walking the Pattern, and no longer needs medication. Very capable.


The basement with the Pit.
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