The Fox Goes Free
The Fox Goes Free, owned by Rylan Venters and Lady Zolie of Amber. It is a restaurant, bar and casino in the uptown of Amberport. The building is two stories, with a deck/bar on the casino level, a living space for the owners and considerable basement space.
Helfrieda of Nynorsk - Worked for Garon Hev, who apparently committed suicide after losing a negotiation with Venters. Frieda apparently has blue tribal tattoos on her breasts.

Description of the First Floor

He starts with the main room, promising to get to the upstairs later. He starts at the front door, big thick double wooden doors, and a cloak closet is on the east wall of the north and south running entryway, and a counter on the west wall. Once in the dining room proper, she notes that most of it has a twelve foot ceiling and above the north end of the dining room is the casino. The dining room itself is about 120 feet square. He leads her around the room clockwise, and the north wall has windows, and a bench with four tables. Three booths and a small table are on the east wall. The east side of the room has 11 tables, and the south end of that main room has the bar. The south end of the bar leads into the kitchen. Near the south end, in the middle of the room are two staircases, both leading to the casino. The west side mirrors the east side, except there is no bar, and a pair of extra booths. The southwest corner has the 20 by 10 foot aquarium. It is two feet in height, on top of a stone pedestal.

The kitchen is dark, but Zolie sees there are metal doors that open to freezers and refrigerators, and are cold. Rylee says something about elementals. A dumbwaiter leads back down into the basement, and Zolie realizes it is next to the teleport arrival spot. They go out through the south door of the forty by fifty kitchen and go back into the hallway next to the stairs. A hallway leads to an office, and a counter is present, for the kitchen staff, a private room, and finally Venters opens a secure door. "Haven't locked it yet. This leads upstairs to our home."

Map of the First Floor
Map of the Southern Second Floor
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