The Knockany Court

The Knockany are eternal, or at least the stories start that way, instead of once upon a time.


Under the benevolent rule of King Revan, the Knockany are at a crossroads. Their power has never been stronger, but the internal turmoil is building. Revan is courting an Unseelie. The laws enacted after the death of the last outsider Queen, Revan's mother Satele Shan, have made it so a sitting King cannot marry someone with mostly Unseelie blood. The Knockany aren't running a purity test, but they want their rulers to be at least 50% Knockany. If Revan's love for Calla rules him, he will have to abdicate.

Revan, King of the Knockany
Finis, Heir to the Throne, for now, Revan's brother
Bastila, Paladin of the Knockany, second to the Warlord, Heir Presumptive, wields the blade Lyssabel.
Calla, beloved of Revan, an Unseelie Fae with the blood of Amber

Many strong houses are in the Knockany Court as well.

House Cottingly

An ancient house, their saddest hour was when King Brand of Amber requested that Radella Cottingly, who could track a shadow of a cloud that passed a year ago, was asked to find Khelendos of Amber. After a harmless prank Khelendos committed the most despicable act of a long, sordid career by killing the person who rescued him from an eternity in limbo. Seeking to remove the curse from himself assuage his guilt, he left his last daughter, Khelynda, with the Lord of the House Cottingly, Zarander Cottingly.

Current living members of House Cottingly

Saffron, renowned healer
Barrow, her husband, after a fateful trip into the Shadows he was first missing, but then returned, but changed somewhat. He is a necromancer now.
Winter Cottingly, Commander in the King's Armies

Silver Cottingly, First Smith to the King

Carrow Faunin
Musician who keeps dangerously insane Fae from doing horrible things.
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