The Krijgen

In ancient times, our people were locked in an eternal struggle with the demonic forces of the Greater Hells. Prime Gates ensured that traffic into our lands was constant. Our ancestors moved as far away from them as possible, but always a new gate would open, from the other side. Many generations of our people died at the hands of the darkest of hates. Our people became fewer and fewer, and our cities became overrun, one by one.

Then he arrived.

Raven-haired. Dark-eyed. A killer. He took three wives, including myself, and began to single-handedly defend our people from the demons. But it was not enough. He went to parley with them, and although we told him he would never return from Hell, he said cryptically that he had done so before, and would do so again. He returned a year later, and there was peace for a score of years. Then the wars started again, even more viciously. Some of our children perished. He said that he had a way of ensuring eternal peace. He said he would have to leave and go to one of the most demon-haunted cities to do so.

He did this.

We have not seen a demon since then. Khelendos was true to his word.

Ammande (deceased)
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