The Survivors

Survivors from a cataclysm that destroyed an entire multiverse…or two.

From the Wheel Within Wheels

?, son of ?

From the Grand Design

Nephlyre, great-grandson of Dworkin Barimen
"What do you mean who is in charge here? We are. The descendants of the Barimen. Dworkin Barimen, gone, lo, these thousands of years. No, I never met him. I'm not that old. He, uh, fooled around with a pair of sisters. Not identical. Totally different in nearly every way, but their children were dark-touched, like myself, or light-touched, like, uh, Serra, over there. So yes. The fair creature you behold who practices with that damned sword incessantly is related to me. Fairly closely, but not closely enough to..what? Do I like her? She's a bit stuck up, if you ask me. Let me sing you a song about the Barimen…"
Serra, great-granddaughter of Dworkin Barimen
"My mother was part of the angelic choir, as we call it. Heaven? I don't know what that is. We live here, in the lands of the Pearl, initiates of the Grand Design. Why is it called the Pearl? Pearls can be light or dark, but they are both beautiful, and both very much valuable. Who? Him? Neph? He's a jerk. I mean, he means well, but he's a jerk. He wants nothing more than to bed me, and then he'll move on. It's his way. The dark-touched are flighty and kind of annoying. No, of course I trust him. Why wouldn't I? No. No dark-touched or…no member of the family would ever turn against the Pearl. None. I would stake my life on it."

From the Vital Sign

From the Earthshine

Maethor, a High Orc
Naura, a former enemy of Maethor and her people

From the Weave

Peripetia (Perri)
Bethrynna (Beth) A vampyr from the Twilight Descent
From another Amber
Dana, daughter of Brand. Apparently not the one known for dropping rocks on cities or other ultra-destructive pastimes. This one is a musician and a magician.
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