Shadow Theramore - One of the Silver Circle Realms, Theramore has one of the greatest trading cities in the Nine Seas.

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Port Theramore - conveniently if not imaginatively named, much of the commerce that goes through the Silver Circle originates in this port.
Sela Alvid, Stowaway on the Iron Crown
Stormhaven - seat of power for Lord Calloway, the Stormbreaker.

Lord Calloway, the Stormbreaker. A legendary figure in Theramore, he is a loyal noble, sworn to the King of Theramore. He has been courted before by other nobles to take the throne from the doddering, manipulated King, and each time he has killed the revolutionaries. His son is not the man Lord Calloway is, although he is known to be fair, like his father.

Lord Cassell, the Stormmaster, son of Lord Calloway, and his heir. Not as well-liked or respected as his father. Not a big fan of the King, although he is fast friends with Kevan. Married to Harmony Alvid.
Lady Harmony Alvid, wife to Lord Cassell, sister to Sela Alvid.

Prince Kevan of Theramore. Son to the King, he was fostered by the King when the King felt he could trust no other person to raise his son. Kevan has listened to Calloway, although his ardor gets him, and many women, into trouble. His personal servant sees to those problems.

Lady Calisa, the Stormrider. Daughter to Lord Calloway, she is betrothed to Prince Kevan. She is the one woman his charms have not worked on…yet.
Lord Corvin, the Stormchaser. Second son to Lord Calloway. He is not a good man. His mother babied him and he grew up to not be friendly to women. He has been known to lay hands on them, although Kevan and Lord Calloway have threatened him for doing so. If it were not for his older brother, someone would have slipped a dagger between his ribs.
Ser Derrik. Personal assistant, guard, and probable babysitter to Lord Corvin.
Lady Alayna Stormborne. Older daughter to Lord Calloway, she leads a small fleet of ships that hunt pirates. Some say she is one herself, and is simply removing the competition. Captain of the Tempest.
Thaddeus, servant to Prince Kevan. Loyal only to the King of Theramore. He cleans up after the Prince's messes.
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