War in Arden

Prince Julian, later known to the Elves as Anasterian Sunrider, fled Amber over a thousand years ago and was presumed dead at that time. He feared the deaths that were claiming all of his brothers and sisters and sought to escape whatever fates they had in store. Once all were dead, he returned to Arden as its conqueror. He had spent years breeding creatures and warping the Elves to become his army he used to swiftly conquer Arden. Arden was eventually freed and Julian killed by Durance, son of Pietro. Arden is still in pieces and recovering. Those slain during that war are listed here.

Prince Julian (King Anasterian Sunrider)Julian, former Prince of Amber. Anasterian Sunrider, King of the Elves (deceased) formerly Lord of Arden, Prince of Amber, vanished for over a thousand years and returned with an army of invading Elves. Ruled Arden again for a little over a year before the Light freed most of his Elves from the evil that gripped them, and a small group of determined people ended his tyranny.
Jalinde Summerdrake, son of Julian of Amber and Queen Alleria of the Elves. (deceased) Former General of the Elven Armies of Arden. Slain alongside his father during the Battle of the Camp at the end of the Arden War.
Garrity, (deceased) son of Matthias and Jolene ruled Arden. He led two of his surviving sisters and a score of others, including descendants of Finndo, Gerard, Caine, and even some werewolves descended from Brand. He surrendered himself and was corrupted by servants of Julian. He perished along with Ghenesh. Horribly.
Madden (also called the maddening) son of Garrity. (Deceased) A ne'er do well with a heart of gold.

Natalya (deceased), daughter of Antonia. Garou like her mother, Natalya was slain during an assassination attempt on Julian.

Maiev Moonsong (nee Shadowsong) - (Deceased) Beloved of Elam. Wed to him in Arden after his awakening and retrieval of The Light.

Garou slain during the War
Dillon (Makes Sap Leak) (Deceased) Male - Ahroun Wears jeans and white shirts.

Lucas (Hugs The Trees) (Deceased) Male - Ahroun, Dresses in brown and black.

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